EA Play Live 2020: Apex Legends crossplay new platforms, Star Wars Squadrons gameplay trailer


It’s a day in the summer of 2020 that ends in Y, which means another not-E3 is being streamed online. Tonight, it’s EA Play Live 2020, Electronic Arts’ showcase, starting at 7 p.m. EDT.

Notably, we’re expecting more details for Star Wars Squadrons and news (like maybe crossplay?) for Apex Legends. BioWare, of course, may surprise us as well, and there should be a few other multiplayer titles on deck.

As always, we’ll be updating with anything our MMO audience will find interesting!

Update – Apex Legends
Apex Legends is indeed getting crossplay as anticipated, and it’s coming to Steam and the Nintendo Switch, all this fall. In the shorter-term, players will be treated to the Lost Treasures event starting on June 23rd.

Update – Star Wars Squadrons
The Star Wars Squadrons trailer slipped out earlier this week, of course. It’s launching October 2nd for just a smidge under 40 bucks on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 – and on PC, that means the whole trifect of Origin, Steam, and Epic Games Store. It’s also got full crossplay and VR support. The multiplayer looks like serious business, with some wild character – and ship – customization. The gameplay trailer is sweet too:


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Cool. Looks like a 21st century update to the old Lucas Arts classics:

TIE Fighter



X-Wing VS. TIE Fighter

from 27-25 years ago. I’m NOT a fan of EA and I’ll probably wait until it releases because it they have loot box mechanics of any type in it, it’ll be a had pass for me. If not, it’ll be the first EA game I buy since I held my nose to by SWToR <— Which IMO was underwhelming and which I quit after 3 months of wanting to give it a chance. HELL – the space combat system in this upcoming game IS the type of Space Combat system SWToR SHOULD HAVE! – not the ludicrous pseudo side scroll type combat that SWToR still has to this day.


*insert enthusiastic profanity here*


X-Wings and TIE Fighters in VR with crossplay so I can play with all my friends and we can play against bots if we want and not real players for forty dollars and there’s no microtransactions?

Where’s the hot garbage EA catch?

I am absolutely giddy about this game.