World War II Online aka Battleground Europe offers everyone a free premium month


It’s been a while since we poked our heads into World War II Online, the Cornered Rat Software MMO formerly known as Battleground Europe. The 2001 “vintage warfare” MMORPG launched on Steam a few years back; most recently, the game received a HUD refresh. Now, the studio is running a promotion to get people into the game, and it comes along with a free sub for a month.

“Every player who has ever had a game account with us may now play WWII Online for FREE! Any new player who signs up today receives 30 days of premium access. Join us for battle and go to sign up and download now.”

Notably, this isn’t the first time in 2020 that the team has run this promo. Back in March, just as COVID-19 lockdowns were beginning, the Cornered Rat reported that it had seen its “greatest online presence of users since [the] original Steam release, with over 2.5x the normal population.”

“We know that times are hard and we’re happy to be one of the online services in a position to help ease the current burdens being placed on friends all over the globe,” the team wrote that month. “As WWII Online has a world-wide fanbase, we take this entertainment option quite a bit more seriously. I think it’s also important to say that WWII Online has had a hard time in Q4-2019 and we’re still coming out of recovery. So we hope that we’ve been able to show our willingness, in mutual tough circumstances, to provide the free service that we can to the extent that we can.”

Source: Twitter

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