J. Allen Brack says Blizzard will combat racism through donations, bans, and education


Nobody’s ever going to hold Blizzard up as a paragon of virtue, but President J. Allen Brack said that the studio is trying to make an effort to be better — especially in regard to fighting racism.

In a lengthy post this week, Brack said that Blizzard is publicly supporting the Black Lives Matter movement “because racism is as dangerous as any pandemic for those affected.” He outlined several ways that the studio is trying to improve its corporate and game environments, from donating to several different funds to hosting virtual classes on racism and diversity.

Brack also said that Blizzard is smacking racists in the face with a banhammer: “Since January 1 this year, we’ve banned over 30,000 accounts for these reasons, as well as issued more than three million total hours of player suspensions. These penalties have notably improved our game environments: over the last two years, we’ve seen a 43% reduction in poor behavior reports, and a 59% reduction in the re-offense rate.”

Source: Blizzard
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