EverQuest II announces Scorched Sky and Familiar Season 7, EverQuest’s Aradune server expands its population


Let’s have a look at what’s going on in Norrath, shall we? We’ll start off with EverQuest II, which is lauding its next update arriving on June 23rd. This update signals the start of the seventh Familiar Season as well as some behind-the-scenes improvements to Familiars, adds expert difficulty for all Blood of Luclin heroic dungeons as well as some Blood of Luclin Summer Ethereal adjustments, adds the Rise of Kunark expansion to the Kaladim TLE server, and brings back Pride Bunnies.

Not enough for you? How about the return of the Scorched Sky summer event? There’s plenty of seasonal quests to take on and a wide variety of new items to collect when the celebration kicks off on June 24th.

Over on the original EverQuest, the Aradune server has recently seen enough fixes to warrant opening the population of the server “slightly” to a point the devs are comfortable with. This doesn’t signal the end of queues and also doesn’t resolve all of the issues by the team’s own admittance, but it’s progress. There’s also been a general update, with notes in the link to get you up to speed.

sources: EverQuest II website (1, 2), EverQuest forums (1, 2)

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Returned to the game and loving it for the past few months…but with regard to familiars, I wish we would be offered a way to reduce their size. Nearly all those I have are larger than my characters (not only gnome and dwarf), and it makes things painfully cluttered unless I hide them.

Bruno Brito

Would be nice if EQ2 would stop this content spree to actively fix the game.


The Aradune queue problem will autofix itself as the first month ends in 6 days and a bunch will quit.
There is only about a month worth or content in classic for me, so I will most likely take a break and come back for Velious expansion (dec/jan/feb). Kinda disappointing they do two slow unlocking servers on the same schedule at the same time – Selo TLP with 1 month unlocks was a huge success, and so were previous 1 month unlocking/voting servers (Fippy/Vulak).
In my opinion they should do Classic&Kunark combined from launch 1-2 months, Velious 2 months, Luclin 2 months, Pop&LOY&LDoN combined 3 months, GoD 1 month, OOW 3 months…


There was no queue tonight when I logged in at 8pm EST. Apparently it was up to 3 minutes at one point. Seems like it’s basically settled down.