OrbusVR prepares summertime events and an economy update for June 23


The summer season is coming to OrbusVR in a matter of days, and with it will be a shiny new update full of summery event goodness and economic updates for those who would rather count digital coins than enjoy the digital nice weather.

The summer events will involve the Summer Fest fishing event (which is pretty much what it sounds like) and a server-wide Explore the Realm event, where players will have a weekly list of resources to harvest and monsters to kill. Doing so earns players points to get personal rewards as well as a server-wide zone unlock that promises challenging endgame group content.

In addition to these events, the June 23rd update will bring some economic adjustments. Chief among these are new costs for gear repairs that scale to the base level and additional level of gear, but there will also be new items in the Odds N’ Ends store like server-wide XP, Luck, and Mount Speed boosts, new mounts, and tool belt item skins. For those looking for more in-depth information, you can check out a related dev blog.

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