World of Warcraft’s Midsummer Fire Festival heats up through July 5

It was a different time.

Summer’s already hot, so why not make it hotter still? Some big bonfires and the errant flaming torch should do the trick there. Thanks to World of Warcraft, we can keep our sweating regimen going strong with the Midsummer Fire Festival.

The festival, which is running through July 5th, marks the summer solstice and offers a nice XP buff for those speed-leveling characters in preparation for Shadowlands. There’s actually a lot to do with this event, so head on over to Wowhead or Icy Veins for complete guides to the activities.

Meanwhile over in WoW Classic, players keep inventing new challenges and ways to have fun in this legacy version of the game. For instance, an all-Druid raid group managed to clear out Molten Core on the Benediction server, which is a pretty neat accomplishment. Too bad achievements aren’t in that version of the game, because this deserves one.


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