APB Reloaded is changing gun rentals, getting rid of lootboxes, and hosting an open beta of its new engine


The lootbox is soon to be officially dead in APB Reloaded. According to a recent dev blog, Joker Mystery Boxes are being removed and legendary weapons will be available to rent or obtain with Joker Tickets.

This change holds hands with adjustments to rentals from the Joker Store, which makes legendary weapons available for a period of seven days. In addition, players who rent from the store repeatedly could get a 5% chance to have a rented gun become a permanent unlock due to a “mistake” made by the Joker Store’s proprietress, and players who rent a weapon enough times to fill up a bar will get that legendary weapon permanently. It takes roughly 20 rentals to get a full unlock, assuming you don’t get that 5% “mistake” chance to hit.

With the end of the JMB comes the arrival of directly purchasable Joker Tickets, which can be bought at a rate of 100G1C for 500JT or earned through regular play. Those who do buy Joker Tickets will get a bonus 1% chance at a permanent Legendary gun from the entire pool for ever 500 tickets purchased. These adjustments are due to arrive June 24th.

Speaking of the future of APB Reloaded, players are being invited into an open beta of the new engine this coming Saturday, June 27th, from 2:00 p.m. EDT to 5:00 p.m. EDT. Those who want to join in will have to download a beta client. Details and instructions are at the bottom of the blog post.

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