Celestial Nights returns to Final Fantasy XI on June 30

Contains some monsters.

Who wants swimsuits in Final Fantasy XI? That’s what you’ll be getting when the Celestial Nights event rolls around once again on June 30th, an event that’s marked summers in the game for several years but has a strangely bare-bones announcement on the official site. “It’s happening, have fun.” A welcome announcement for veterans, no doubt, but a bit baffling for anyone who hasn’t gone through the event in the past.

Fortunately, guides are available to both the variety of race-specific swimsuits (and yukatas) available for purchase, as well as the special play that players can participate in to earn other event rewards including different swimsuits with HQ effects, special fans, and fireworks. Whether you want it to salve your sorrows over the delay of the anniversary events into this month or just because you love getting Far Eastern outfits and decoration, you’ll have a reason to check out the event when it kicks off next week.


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