Diablo III adds random elemental power discharges for Season 21

You've seen this before.

If you’re still waiting for Diablo IV, you are still going to be waiting for quite some time. That’s just the reality of the situation. If you’re waiting for Season 21 of Diablo III, however, you’ll only be waiting until July 3rd, as that’s when the next seasonal challenge returns to the game once again. And if you’ve still got the energy in you for a start-from-scratch seasonal challenge for the 21st time, you’ll be able to play around with the new effect of occasionally bursting with elemental power that causes you to rain meteors, breathe lightning, or summon giant rolling snowballs.

Yes, it’s not exactly the same as actual new content, but it does also give you a chance to earn some new rewards… or to re-earn rewards from Season 9 if you missed some then, as those are coming back around. There’s also cosmetic gear for a given class to earn and the usual seasonal updates, so that’s something. Check out the full rundown if you’re eager to start from zero once more.


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Magical farts?

Daniel Veit

Well, it looks like my wife and I will be playing diablo again. It’s been awhile for me.
Should be fun.

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

The couple who plays together stay together!

Brian Johnson

Well… there is this. :)