Mortal Online 2 shows off the city of Kranesh in a recent video


While the in-development Mortal Online 2 might sound like a world of misery and danger, that also doesn’t mean that there can’t be nice things to see as well. For example, there’s a recent preview video of the city of Kranesh, which shows off various buildings and places of interest. But it still sounds like a place of misery and danger.

“Located near the Talus Mountains, in an hidden ravine, the city of Kranesh is messy and dangerous as it’s home to outlaws and bandits who refuse to obey the Tindremic Empire’s law. With that said, it doesn’t means that only gloomy views can be caught by its streets… and roofs.”

In other development news, the team at Star Vault is hard at work on its female character models, and the tweet that displays their progress is even giving away a closed alpha key for those who like, follow, and comment.

sources: YouTube, Twitter

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Robert Mann

So this town is a perfect fit for the majority of the playerbase who won’t follow those laws either. That is, if they would stop killing each other long enough to populate a town.

Yeah, that’s going to happen for all of ~15 seconds when the players aren’t guild or ally. Yeah.


I always liked the look of the MO world. Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 ft poking stick while it’s open PvP, but still, pretty.

P Jones

In all honesty, these guys should have just made a new name because the original was an utter disaster. All the name will do is result in a lot of ill-will before the game even launches.