Black Desert adds the cutest lil furry critters you ever did see in Papua Crinea update


OK, so who had “adorable mammals in Black Desert” on their 2020 bingo cards? Because that is what you’re getting with today’s update as the tropical Papua Crinea island has opened up for questing.

“The Papus and Otters, cute diminutive furred races from the world of Black Desert Online, have been at odd with each other for a long time on the island of Papua Crinea. In this new update, players can learn more about their conflict via a storyline that explores both perspectives of the conflict. This perspective will also be quite literal because players will be transformed into the cute furred humanoids during the story, it’s the only way for them to successfully interact with the Papus and Otters. To start their adventure on the high seas, players will first have to join the Lamute Gang from which they will be directed to the island of Papua Crinea which lies in the ocean of Margoria, the enormous body of water that was added in the earlier eponymous expansion and expanded even further in last year’s Great Expedition update.”

Naturally, there are heaps of launch events for this new content and did we mention the cute critters are cute?

Meanwhile, in the mobile edition of the MMO, Pearl Abyss has added a new world boss challenge in the form of Enraged Giath the Goblin Chief in the Forest of Plunder. Get thee to plunderin’.

Source: Official site, patch notes, press release
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