Blade & Soul shows off all the new features with today’s Divine Break update

Give me a break! Giiiiiiiiiive me a break!

Haven’t you earned a break in Blade & Soul? The newest update is dubbed Divine Break, and it… actually doesn’t give you a break at all; it gives you more stuff to do. That’s somewhat unexpected. Yes, you now have Act XI of the story to clear through, dealing with the mess left in Mushin’s wake, and that’s going to actually involve you taking less of a break than before! There are even two new events and new items in the treasure trove!

Fortunately, despite the complete lack of an actual break, you do have an advantage insofar as Force Masters now have their third specialization, Way of the Lightning. Everyone else is just going to have to look forward to the new heroic dungeon Halcyon Hills and work at earning new and powerful earrings while you wonder where the heck your break is. You were promised a break right there in the title! You have been deceived. There’s no break today, just new patch content, and it’s live as of this afternoon.

The Blade & Soul: Divine Break update is now available in North America and Europe. This major update includes the new 3rd Class Specialization: Way of The Lightning for the Force Master player character class, a new heroic dungeon called “Halcyon Hills”, and the continuation of the Epic Story. Of course, no dungeon is complete without its rewards and in this update players will find new Psyches, Legendary Earrings and cosmetics.

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