Dungeons and Dragons Online kicks off third hardcore league, previews Update 47


Dungeons and Dragons Online’s popular permadeath temporary server is coming back at noon today with a third trip through this brutal gauntlet. This time around, however, it’s not just subscribers that can participate; Standing Stone Games announced that free players are welcome to partake of the hardcore madness as well.

There’s also a new twist for this third iteration: “For the third season of the Hardcore League, we are making a change that will allow characters to earn a second and third resurrection if they die. A character earns one extra life at level 8, and a second extra life at 16.”

If that’s not exciting enough, on the Lamannia test server, DDO is putting Update 47 through its paces. The update includes the Lord of Blades, A Vision of Destruction, and Master Artificer legendary raids, a new dungeon called The Promise of Flame, and some new named loot found in all of the above.


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I am not hearing anything about the new shapeshifter race. Any news out there?


The new Shifter race will be included as part of the Feywild expansion late this year.


Hardcore League Season 2 wasn’t as active as Season 1 (as would be expected), so widening the pool of potential players should give Season 3 a big boost.

Matthew Yetter

That and adding the extra lives. As nice as the challenge is, it’s frustrating when you discover too late that a particular adventure is way crazy in some way and should have been tackled later or skipped altogether — but now you have to redo 12 or so levels as a result. Or worse, if you have a lag spike, wife aggro, etc. that results in you dying for reasons that are neither yours nor the game’s.

If you die because of your own mistake, that’s one thing. But to be punished for something you couldn’t have foreseen kind of saps the fun out of the experience. The extra lives can help avoid that situation and should keep people playing longer with less frustration.