Pokemon Unite is a new MOBA for mobile devices and Nintendo Switch from Nintendo and Tencent

Expect the Pokemon battle royale in seven years, then

The disappointment, she burns.

Gosh, that… that headline basically says it all, doesn’t it? Yes, Nintendo has announced Pokemon Unite, which is a Pokemon MOBA, a genre that spawned countless imitators before it became clear that this town (read: genre) was only big enough (read: commercially viable) for about four of them (read: three of them and one kept afloat because admitting to a bad idea makes Blizzard break out in hives). Also, it’s being made with Tencent’s cooperation.

You can check out some early gameplay footage in the trailer below, although whatever you’re thinking of for “it’s a MOBA but with Blastoise and Pikachu instead of burly dudes and sexy ninja ladies” is probably not far from the truth. No information about release dates has yet been provided, although the announcement does mention that the game will be free-to-start (not free-to-play). So, you know… if you were holding off on the MOBA craze because it didn’t feature Gardevoir, Groudon, or Arceus, now you have a reason to… hope they get added eventually? Yeah.


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