EverQuest II starts the Rise of Kunark on the TLE server, Familiar Season 7, and the Scorched Sky event


While the update was a day late from its original announcement, the fact remains that EverQuest II has seen a fresh new update that adds its promised features like Familiar Season 7, expert difficulty for Rise of Luclin dungeons, and changes to Summer Ethereals weekly missions.

The update has also made a variety of changes to several encounters, items, and quests, and has released the Rise of Kunark expansion to the Kaladim TLE server. Finally, the researchers of Blood of Luclin have a new task for players to complete which will open up the ability to purchase advanced recipes in the Fabrication Hall of Sanctus Seru. And don’t forget that the Scorched Sky summer event is also now underway. All in all, this update has a lot of ground to cover.

In other EQ2 news, there’s a new episode of Kander’s Candor, which brings in Gninja to talk about raiding in Blood of Luclin and where it currently stands. This episode is all about Luclin raids and has no player questions, but those will be around for next week’s episode.


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