SWTOR revs up a new event, the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally

SWTOR revs up a new event, the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally

If you haven’t noticed, Star Wars: The Old Republic really loves its events. It regularly rotates through them to keep things from being too stale, but there’s always room for one more. So scooch over, Rakghoul Plagues and pirate incursions, it’s time for a swoop race! An ultimate swoop rally, to be precise.

Last night’s Patch 6.1.2 sets the stage for the June 30th event, which will let players zip around on swoop bikes for the honor of three gangs: “Each gang has a repeatable daily mission for the courses on Dantooine, Tatooine, and Onderon. When you accept a daily mission, you’ll hop on one of the gangs’ special swoop bikes and use its abilities to take on challenges suited to each gang’s tastes. But that’s not all! Each planet features its own dangerous hazards, turning up the difficulty on the courses. Hit all the course objectives before crossing the finish line, and the crowd’s going to love you!”

The update also added master mode difficulty for the Nature of Progress operation and introduced a galactic guide that helps players get back on track with questing and highlights current conquests.

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I should have read patch notes before dusting off racing gloves and goggles from the attic… thought it’d start right away after patch and I have to wait until 30th instead pffft

Then again this gives me one extra week to find where biker bootsies and jacket are hiding… surely I didn’t gain that much weight in the last twenty-odd years, did I?

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Java Jawa

I made that same assumption yesterday!

Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah, every announcement except the full patch notes implied it was live yesterday. Much confusion ensued.