Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Dragon Quest crossover event with an onslaught of golems


There was an event in Final Fantasy XIV to cross over with Dragon Quest X back in 2014. Since then, the event has come back very occasionally… but only very occasionally, with its last visit being in 2017. You might have missed it, in other words. But if you did and you really need the cosmetic headpieces or the pet it awards, you’ll have your chance very soon, as the event returns on July 2nd through July 27th.

Players are tasked with clearing one of several different FATEs popping up around the world pitting Eorzean adventurers against the iconic Dragon Quest golems, with successful completion earning you a headpiece and pet. The other bit of cosmetic head gear can simply be purchased. It’s not terribly involved, obviously, but if you’ve been eager to fill out your pet collection, it may very well be downright vital. (Or if you just like having a slime on your head. We don’t judge.)


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