Gatewalkers is a new co-op survival ARPG hosting an alpha test on Steam now

Yeah, that's gate.

Smash things, survive things, go through procedurally generated worlds, repeat. That’s the core gameplay loop for Gatewalkers, a new game described as a co-op survival ARPG by the developers. But you don’t need to take our word for it; the game is currently hosting an alpha test on Steam that will no doubt offer a look at what the core gameplay should look like.

Of course, caution should be had, as the game is in alpha and that means that not all of the expected features, mechanics, or design elements are yet in place without even getting into the question of polish. But the alpha is running through the 29th, with more planned, so it’s a chance to get hype about the game if you’re interested. Check out the official site for more details; the game is currently planning to hit Early Access in Q4 of this year.


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name is pure cringe.

looks fun though. has anyone played this yet?