Last Oasis introduces new map and walker with this week’s Volcanic Update


Last Oasis is treating its early access players to a hefty – and free – update this week, just in time for the Steam Summer sale. It’s called the Volcanic Update, so, you know, volcanoes are hot, but there’s more to the sizzling new map, including new flying enemies, the new Domus walker, obsidian weapons, and a new furniture pack.

“We’ve always planned to add in a hot and dangerous biome that was more than just the sands of the oases, where the environment poses the biggest threat to its inhabitants. Initially, we added small volcanic areas to hard maps, but knew that it wasn’t enough to create a true sense of danger. We hope to remedy that with the full volcanic map. It has vast green fields inspired by Icelandic plains and lowlands, and intricate mazes formed out of volcanic rocks and scorching hot lava lakes, swallowing anything and anyone who falls into them. While we had small lava pools on hard maps already, which are now inactive with the introduction of these new maps, we wanted to expand their mechanics to a larger scale. The lava lakes burn all living things and Walker parts, so don’t fall in! Lava has become a resource for Nomads to use in various productions. We overhauled obsidian harvesting to make it a little more challenging by requiring significant amounts of water to cool the lava down. During testing, we’ve seen some interesting ways of using lava lakes to gain an advantage in battles or get away from pursuers.”

The early access survival MMO is currently 20% off as part of the Steam Summer Sale.

Source: Press release, Steam, patch notes
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