Nexon’s mobile and PC MMORPG V4 opens up for global pre-registration


Ever notice how mobile MMOs seem to love pre-registration events? Well guess what? Nexon’s upcoming PC/mobile MMORPG V4 has started doing the same thing, opening up global pre-registration ahead of its worldwide release (except for China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, since those territories already have the game).

For anyone who perhaps had this one fall off of their radar, V4 is touting full cross-platform play between mobile and PC versions, as well as features like six classes, 300-player boss raids, PvP gameplay, and over 50 customizable options. There’s still no calendar date for the game’s full release, but curious players can at least add their name to the ledger when it does finally go live.

source: press release

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To be honest, this is (yet another) 100% reskin of Black Desert Mobile, check out the actual game screens on YouTube. At least the client looks the same (other clones: Perfect World, Rangers of Oblivion and probably tons of other titles).
So I suspect this game will autoplay itself provided you feed the cash shop in due times.
P.S. Nexon is indeed famous for shutting down games.


Lost me @ “Nexon”.


People should note that Nexon is the publisher, which means heavy P2W and ruining the game in max 1-2 years and then shutting it down like they did with:

– Combat Arms
– Ghost in the Shell First Assault
– Hyper Universe
– MapleStory 2

Malcolm Swoboda

Nexon = No-xon.

I’m actually thankful I can’t even be tempted by this game with my mid-range 2018 phone that might not even handle it on Low. Good. Stay away, ‘V4’.


– Durango
– Mabinogi Duel

Buddy Barlow

Another garbage asian MMO with animal races… mushroom people…cat girls with rabbit ears..linear leveling and shallow game systems.

300 player boss raids aka lag fest

Riccardo Tavano

Exponential levelling* :v at least exp wise…if they were linear, they could actually be interesting, lol.

Robert Mann

Looks like any other Asian import mobile isometric MMO, just add some cutscene effects when dealing with an NPC conversation. If that’s your jam, have fun.

Kickstarter Donor

If I can autoplay on my phone and PC, I am so incredibly here for this. I actually like the idea of being able to play a game on both platforms.

Dug From The Earth

looks like every other foreign mmo.