Star Citizen outlines a variety of flight and space combat adjustments coming to alpha 3.10


Star Citizen is going to involve flying and fighting in spaceships. That’s literally it’s whole deal. So, naturally, the developers at CIG want to keep improving the game’s flight model and alpha 3.10 is seeking to do just that, as outlined in the final quarterly episode of Inside Star Citizen.

The episode touts the work of the Vehicle Experience Team, which was highlighted in a previous episode and is primarily responsible for the feel of flight in alpha 3.10. For a start, there will be a number of changes to atmospheric flight, with lift and drag being calculated. This will not only vary based on ship size and shape, but will also be affected by things like planetary weather and missing ship parts.

Space combat, meanwhile, is getting a number of adjustments such as an improved target lock system and the return of a target pinning system that lets players keep eyes on priority targets and share them among crew mates. Turrets are also getting a wide swath of overhauls like better target tracking control, an aim assist that helps to slightly guide turret shots, and the ability to adjust turret rotation speed. All of these changes seek to make multi-crew ships more engaging and require smaller ships to consider more strategy when taking on a larger craft.

This is the primary focus of this video, but it also ends with a wrap-up of alpha 3.10’s complete feature set, so it’s likely something that fans will want to watch from start to finish. There’s also a dev blog post with more granular details about 3.10’s flight model if you wish to dig in more.

source: YouTube

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You know the sky is Falling when a SC article only has 2 comments, lol.

Joe Blobers

Naysayers sky at best. Improving SC is not popular for those guys :)

By the way, remove the very few vocal (pro & con) from web sites and comment sections die. This is not anymore where numerous backers do exchange views.

ichi sakari

one little thing that is getting added is the day/night cycle for planets, gets colder and hotter, but it is the HUD work that will help the most

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