Torchlight III schedules Act 3 and numerous fixes for June 30


Torchlight III may have had a bumpy early access launch this month, but Echtra Games is hoping to turn its fortunes around with next week’s update. Not only will the content patch add in the third and final act to the game, Echonok, but it’s going to be packed with “18 pages” of fixes and adjustments to improve the online ARPG as well as the return of the contracts and fame systems.

In a new state of the game post, Echtra CEO Max Schaefer acknowledged the rough start and said that it is going to take the early access period “seriously.”

“When someone says we’ve missed the mark on something, you know deep down if they’re right,” Schaefer wrote. “You’ve been right a lot. So after the first several days of your input, we took stock of where we were, and set out on an ambitious, exciting, and player-focused plan to address the substantive and insightful recommendations you’ve been making.”

Among the major adjustments coming on June 30th is a change to the controversial lifebound mechanic. Schaefer posted that this will become an “opt-in” system rather than “opt-out.”

Source: IGN, Steam


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Been a while since I’ve been back, but I did enjoy Schaefer and others on the team engaging with the community on the discord. Not sure how common it was, but they were directly taking bug reports, chatting over how abilities work and potential improvements/what the community thinks (there was a long discussion on trains that was interesting), and generally being cool. It gives me hope for the game where the game alone gave me…unfortunately little hope.

Pleasantly surprised to see A3 coming so soon, I figured it was a ways off. Now to just wait for patch notes to see more about what’s being changed, but I hope they can really fill in the gaps in the game.

Danny Smith

This screams “we gotta damage control so lets rush this out before its ready oh noooooooo”. Sometimes you gotta just bite your lip and hold firm and fix the core issues and rushing out more content to distract only compounds the issues and never ends well.


wat? I don’t think anyone thinks that more content is the top priority in tl3 right now. They want new systems, stability and quality of life.
Keep in mind that it’s content that was already in beta and just didn’t get ready for EA launch due to them wanting to do some stuff to it.
Honestly, I just think whatever they thought needed fixing on act 3 got done, so now they’re releasing it.
Also: The game has done weekly patches almost without fail for a very long time, and the scope of this one doesn’t feel weird to me

Castagere Shaikura

Blame it on PWE owning Runic or what was left of it.


Why not wait a month and ship a complete game, instead of shadow dropping the game into buggy early access hell? I just don’t get it…

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Ashfyn Ninegold

This is almost always because the publisher (PWE) is pushing it out the door, not the devs.