Crowfall will let its backers /flex on ’em with August’s backer reward


Ah, the flex emote. A classic staple of MMORPG gaming. How else could players ironically (or maybe unironically) laud their greatness without it? Besides wearing salad bowl-sized pauldrons that somehow vomit energy, anyway. Soon, Crowfall backers will get the ability to invite others to the gunshow with an emote awarded in August.

In case anyone forgot, this freebie is part of Crowfall’s backer rewards program, which grants supporters of the game some free stuff if they backed the game by the 24th of each month. Monthly rewards are granted to every backer from the time they supported the game onward, so all that players will have to do is wait for August to arrive and get their flex on. Hopefully by that time Crowfall will be in an actual beta instead of a technically beta but not really. And then Eliot can stop being so mad.


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