Blizzard celebrates 20 years of Diablo II

Alive again!

It brought us memes, it brought us Necromancers, it brought us farming for loot, and it theoretically brought us a showdown against evil creatures once more. Diablo II was a pretty significant game when it launched, and 20 years later, it’s still discussed fondly and has an incalculable impact on similar games and on gaming culture. So naturally Blizzard has taken the opportunity to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of its launch through a variety of methods.

For one thing, you can check out a new animation below poking fun at player culture from back when it was new; you can also catch up with retrospectives on the game’s development and subsequent reception. For those of you with a more immediately tangible set of preferences, you can also pick up some Baal wings in Diablo III by logging in. You might be thinking that Baal didn’t actually have wings in Diablo II, and you’d be right, but sometimes it’s about commemorating visual styles with creepy tendrils. And in the end, isn’t “visual style that’s faintly creepy” the true meaning of Diablo II?


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Tee Parsley

Appreciate that it pretty much started/popularized the genre, but the actual Diablo games just didn’t make it for me. Much prefer the spiritual descendants made by other companies.