Legends of Aria will temporarily suspend militias at the end of its current season


It appears that militias in Legends of Aria are going back to the drawing board. The devs have announced that militias will be temporarily suspended at the end of the current season, with PvP content updates shifting focus to expanded Chaos Zones and Arena Leagues. The militia merchant will remain in Belhaven for anyone who wishes to spend their leftover militia talents.

This means that Point Release 10 will be focusing on Arena Leagues, with 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 team fights on offer for season rewards, unique titles, and rare cosmetics for those who climb the ranks of the Leagues such as some very shiny horse armors as evidenced in the header image.

In other Legends of Aria news, the devs have reportedly made some fixes to the current Experimental build and are moving on to final polish. Players can expect this new and improved Experimental version of the game on Wednesday, July 1st.


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