Fortnite: Save the World loses its early access label, gains a price tag and less development


Remember when Fortnite was first announced? Back then it was an “action building” co-op multiplayer shooter where the idea was for teams to scavenge an area for items to build a fort before waves of monsters attacked players. Then… well, battle royale happened. That said, the so-called Save the World mode was still set to launch out of its early access as a free-to-play title.

However, both of those things have changed. Epic Games has announced that Save the World is officially out of early access (as is Battle Royale and Creative) but will remain “a premium experience rather than going free-to-play.” Furthermore, development of new content for the mode will slow down, though the announcement promises replayability in the form of Ventures, which are season-long excursions in a seasonal zone with new modifiers to tackle as well as a path of continued progression and seasonal levels to climb.

All those who bought Founders packs for Fortnite will have their packs upgraded to the next level and get all associated rewards for free, while those who bought in to the Ultimate edition will get a new Metal Team Leader Pack and 8,000 V-Bucks. That Metal Team Leader Pack, incidentally, will be available for purchase this coming Thursday.

For fans of the original Fortnite mode, this is likely a matter of confirming the writing on the wall, only now that writing is in embossed font.


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So the reason of StW remaining a paid product has to be that they don’t want anyone else realizing how unfinished that product is?
I think it’s only fair that anyone who bought StW would get a full refund and a signed apology.
The game never looked like something I would enjoy, but I feel really sorry for the people hit by the bait-and-switch

James Crow

they saying slowing down but we didnt got new things really.
but the seasons mean more content so i think they mean no more updates beside seasons.

the real down side is they going to separate the games so what you get in BR staying in BR now…

anyway im play ninjala now so look like im slowly down with fortnite


Surprised they even bothered to do that amount of work for it.


Once Battle Royale shipped this mode got quickly shifted to the back burner. I picked it up as a co-op game to play with my son. He … and pretty much every else … moved over to BR once it became the hot thing leaving Save the World pretty light on players. Some of the mission can be soloed, but any kind of remotely difficult content is going to require a full group of decently geared and complementary skill set players. That’s when I quit.

That and largely it felt like the game was just a constant grind to find mats to rebuild the weapons you already owned since they wore out after a few matches. Everything else was secondary to building your stash of mats.


And yet my friends wonder why I’m staunchly anti-Epic…

Kickstarter Donor

Well that’s disappointing. Oh well, I guess there will continue to be no Fortnite in my future anytime soon. Was kinda looking forward to giving this a spin when it went F2P to see how it is.


I always wanted to try this game out and was waiting for it to become free-to-play so… yeah… guess I’ll move on


Damn, if content release for that mode get any slower then it will be pretty much non existent.