You are cordially invited to Lord of the Rings Online’s Great Wedding


It’s been a wedding 13 years in the making — and now King Aragorn and Arwen Undómiel are tying the knot in Lord of the Rings Online.

With today’s Update 27: A Great Wedding, players across all of Middle-earth are invited to celebrate this momentous union between a fictional stud and the Elf-lass who is many, many centuries older than he. The patch kicks off a new book in the epic storyline that revolves around the wedding festivities while also debuting the Midsummer Festival (which, not coincidentally, also has a matrimony theme).

“Epic Volume V, Book 1: ‘A Time of Celebration’ begins with King Elessar in the Throne Room of Minas Tirith (Midsummer),” the devs posted. “Additionally, from now through July 20th, players can take part in celebratory Midsummer quests and instances to celebrate the wedding.”

The update also offers players a way to bypass epic battles with a “storied tales” system, adds wedding presents to the daily Hobbit gifts, and makes some notable changes to legendary items, the Beorning class, and the Remmorchant raid.

Source: LOTRO
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