A new crafting and work order feature has come to horse MMO Star Stable


There’s no way I’m letting a chance to talk about online horsies pass me by, especially when crafting’s involved. Yep, kid-friendly equestrian-themed MMO Star Stable got a fresh update this week, and it introduces a version of crafting to the world.

“Maintaining a workshop dedicated to showcasing traditional Jorvik craftsmanship was Farah’s dream. Now that dream has come true! The young druid has taken it upon herself to keep the knowledge of the elder artisans alive – never allowing their ancient memories to fade. Carrying the torch of one’s elders is a heavy burden; taking an apprentice under her wing may help lighten the load. If you’re ready for it, go and meet her in Valedale. The work of a gifted apprentice begins with a single cup of tea.”

Once your character has picked up the basic crafting tasks, you’ll be wandering the world picking flag, jute, chamomile, and more, filling crafting orders for the workshop, and learning new recipes. “Crafting and delivering orders unlocks new recipes,” the dev blog explains. “Before you know it, you’ll be crafting colorful tack and clothes for you and your horse. Master craftswomen may be rewarded with a winged companion!” We’re guessing it’s that cute owl.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Lena!

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The crafting system is pretty basic mechanics-wise, but finding mats throughout the world while riding around does add a nice layer for me. I haven’t explored the gear you can craft yet but definitely planning to make some for my collection (and I most certainly want the pet!).
Here’s hoping they keep adding systems like this over time!