Albion Online invites players to earn a ghost pig through the Undead Challenge


You might not think of July as a particularly spooky month, but Albion Online is still choosing this month to bring back the Undead Challenge for players to earn ghostly rewards. That challenge consists of… gathering, or fishing, or killing monsters, or even just farming. Nothing particularly undead about it, so it appears that the undead part is more tied to the rewards than the activities. (Unless you’re killing undead monsters, anyhow. That’d be a different story.)

Of course, the rewards are appropriately undead, ranging from a skull-themed ring for your avatar to the Spectral Direboar mount that lets you briefly shroud yourself like an invisible specter. There are also undead vanity skins and decor items available via challenge chests, so you’ve got plenty to work toward as you work on your spooky farming. Which is a lot like regular farming, except you can earn a ghost pig as a mount along the way.


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