Console players of TERA can now face the New Awakening update


The time has finally arrived for PS4 and Xbox One players of TERA to wake up to a brand-new day. A day full of an apparent dark god that is angry at the pantheon of light. Which sounds like a pretty bad day, all things considered, but it at least means some brand-new content in the form of the New Awakening update.

As mentioned before, this update introduces level 65 players to new Apex skills for the game’s 13 classes and the Dark Reach Citadel dungeon to use these powerful new skills in. The update also has a special #PlayApartTogether campaign between now and July 26th that gives freshly arrived players a bonus character slot item as well as equipment and accessories boxes to help them quickly get to level cap and enjoy the new update’s features. For those who would rather ride the themepark rails up to cap, there will be getting similar bonuses and accessories along the way.

There are more details on the game’s official site as well as a trailer to check out after the cut.


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