Temtem shares the initial details of its plans for clubs

Temmie get money for college.

The upcoming summer update for Temtem (which we’ve known about for a while) is going to include the game’s first iteration of clubs, its equivalent to guilds. But how will these player groupings work? Well, the team talked about it a lot in the official Discord server, but the information has also been helpfully shared in a short Twitter thread explaining that you’ll be able to form your club from anywhere directly from the main menu, with a club chat, club name, and a variety of club banner options.

Players will be limited to membership in just one club, and this first version will have no actual game mechanics associated beyond the obvious nature of club membership. Still, it’s a clear sign that the game is moving along its roadmap for the various features intended for this particular year of updates. So if you’ve ever wanted to have some like-minded friends to chat with as you capture not-Pokemon, here comes your chance.

Source: Twitter
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