Torchlight III’s new mainline patch adds Act 3, contracts, new Lifebound mechanics, and Relic updates


How do you know when a game’s patch is a hefty one? When it takes two different pages to cover everything that’s in it. Torchlight III’s large-scale mainline patch is just such an example, bringing with it a whole slew of updates as promised in a previous state of the game address from Echtra Games.

The main party piece, of course, is the third and final act of the game’s narrative, which brings the Echonok Mountains area along with all sorts of dangerous Dwarven automata. The update has also brought the Contract system back, bringing Fame levels that players can earn via the titular contracts to unlock new gear.

Speaking of gear, the Lifebound mechanic is now an opt-in system thanks to the new Scroll of Lifebound item, which will become an extremely rare drop from monsters, chests, and bosses starting at level 7 and will be a guaranteed drop from Phase Dungeon boss chests. Finally, the update has made a variety of adjustments to Relic weapons, mostly falling on the “buff” side of the scale.

There’s a whole lot more going on in this patch, with updates to pretty much every aspect of the game; if you’re going to dig in to the patch notes, you better get comfy.

source: Steam (1, 2)

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I tried this and quickly refunded my purchase on the day it released. Server issues aside the game seemed really simplified. I can see where the mobile port comparisons come from. That and I just didn’t connect with any of the classes. I typically like to start with a tankish melee class, but that 4-legged walking oven contraption thing just isn’t something I can relate to.