Weapons of Mythology – New Age announces its sunset for July


With so many MMORPGs out there, there’s bound to be one or two titles that fly below the radar. So it would possibly seem for Weapons of Mythology – New Age, a free-to-play MMORPG loosely set in the Chu Han Contention of the Qin dynasty, which officially announced in April that it will be closing shop on July 1st according to publisher IDC/Games.

Weapons of Mythology appears to have been a routine MMORPG judging by its description, with players joining one of two factions as well as facing off against an underworld enemy that seeks to cause havoc. The game touted five different classes, PvP fights, boss battles, and dungeons, along with the ability to have a pet join players in combat and a Relic system that let players customize their combat playstyle. With all that said, it’s always a sad thing to see another MMO close up shop.

source: Steam, thanks to Andy for the tip!

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Death of MMO – Not Sad

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Jack Pipsam

Never heard of it, but sucks for those who invested time (and money) into it. RIP.


I have built tolerance towards crappy F2P Asian MMOs, but this one was one of those that are so bad, even I can’t stand it for more than 30 minutes. Nothing is appealing about it. Not a single thing.