Elite: Dangerous applies bug fixes to Fleet Carriers as a community convention goes virtual


Elite: Dangerous has once more applied a patch to help mitigate several Fleet Carrier bugs this past Tuesday. Players should now see a variety of fixes to a wide array of problems, whether they’re related to navigation, the market management screen, and landing pads among other things. The update has also made some stability improvements, fixing crashes for Fleet Carrier commodity market use, Holo-Me customization, and viewing a recently purchased Carrier in the galaxy map.

In other Elite news, the fan-operated Lavecon 2020 event due to start this weekend has moved to a fully digital format, with the physical event being moved into 2021. “We looked at the options of postponing, but the uncertainties and other personal commitment likely to be required at that time of year means this is not a viable option for us,” explains the post. The virtual event will involve a variety of Zoom meetings and Twitch livestreams; you can get a look at the first draft of the event schedule on the official site.

sources: official forums, Lavecon website (1, 2), thanks to Lave Radio’s Cmdr Phoenix_Dfire for the tip!

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