Niantic of Pokemon Go fame is working on a new Catan: World Explorers MMOARG

Oh good.

So it seems like Niantic’s follow-up to Pokemon Go in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite didn’t quite get as warmly received, probably helped by the fact that it was the same game. So Niantic is now working on another new game, and it is… the same game, again, but this time with a different licensed property. Get hyped up for Catan: World Explorers, then. That’s what we’re doing now. Yes, based on the Settlers of Catan board game.

The game mechanics will sound instantly familiar, as you walk around picking up Catan-inspired resources and then using them to pay for building cards which give your faction victory points. And if you can’t find the resources you need nearby, well, it’s time for a road trip, right? Check out the site and feel free to pre-register if this sounds like exactly your particular catnip. Those of you who are already bored with the developer’s prior games, though, will likely abstain.


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Alina Dinoras

I still love this game, if you need tips you can check on

Robert Mann

I would abstain for the same reasons as always.

1. I have no interest in trying to game on a cell phone.
2. I have little interest in trying to game out and about while staring at a cell phone, since that sounds like an impending disaster or a video about walking into things. It also sounds even more likely to result in disaster since I am up at night mostly given that’s when I work.
3. I’m on my feet all, um, night at work. The last thing I want to do with my gaming time is walk around, and driving is both not good with distractions like this -and- would get expensive fast.

All this before the way the mechanics are handled isn’t really that great imo. Yep, same game, same negatives.

Malcolm Swoboda

I almost want to play it just to get away from Harry Potter. Almost.

Where the heck’s my JRPG MMOARG.

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now that you mention it, it’s kinda shocking that square enix hasn’t churned out 5-10 of those already

Malcolm Swoboda

There’s Dragon Quest Walk in JP and that’s all I know of.