PSA: Fallout 76 will be added to the Xbox Game Pass in July


Free game alert! Well, free with a membership to a service, so I guess semi-free game alert? Semantics aside, those who are signed up to Xbox Game Pass will be seeing Fallout 76 added to the service’s library on July 9th for both console and PC. Naturally, the version will include the Wastelanders update and all of its features.

There are other games coming to the Game Pass as well this month, including the weapons-based fighting game Soulcalibur 6, the baseball management sim Out of the Park Baseball 21, and the 2-D action RPG CrossCode; those first two are available on the Pass right now, while CrossCode will join FO76 in the July 9th additions. There will also be six games leaving the Pass on July 15th, so those invested in the service will likely want to take note.

In other Fallout 76 news, Bethsoft has released its latest Inside the Vault, which touches on the summer season dropped earlier this week and teases update 21, coming to the test server next week (though not launching until August). “While this patch will mainly contain bug fixes and other improvements, we’re also hoping you will head back to Monongah Mine to share a new round of feedback with us about the new Public Event, A Colossal Problem.”

source: Twitter
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