Shadow Arena adds in the range-swapping Lahn to the hero lineup

Why dress for a fight?

Some characters in Shadow Arena are all about fighting at a longer rage, hiding behind ranged weapons and spells on the basis of being harder to kill if you never get within arm’s reach of your opponent. Others prefer to fight at close range, smacking people right in the face because how good are your spells with a knife in your sternum? And then there’s the newly added Lahn, who decides that both sound good and uses her pendulum and sword to dash in, hit enemies, and knock them back just as easily.

All of Lahn’s skills are centered around controlling range and pacing, from dashs that let her dive down from mid-air to attacks that knock back or grabbing dashes in. The result is that players will be constantly closing range against ranged attackers, knocking back melee enemies to get an optimal rotation going, and generally prancing about hither and yon. Check out the video just below to get a sense of what Lahn can do in play. (Here’s hoping that it can inject some players back into the game, yes?)

Source: Pearl Abyss press release
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