Dauntless offers initial previews of its upcoming Terra Escalation and Hunt Pass


While many Dauntless players are likely focused on hunting the delightfully unnerving Thrax, there’s another Escalation waiting in the wings. Specifically, a Terra Escalation, as pointed out in the game’s updated roadmap.

The update is less informational and more of a lore-focused teaser, but players can at least confirm that the Terra element will be the focus of this next Escalation, so players are likely going to encounter a whole lot of angry verdant dangers. The roadmap has also teased the next Hunt Pass, calling it the Open Skies pass and promising “new cosmetics that capture the spirit of adventure.”

These updates are due near the tail end of July, as the current Hunt Pass season still has about three weeks left in its length. All the same, players at least a vague shape of what’s to come.

source: roadmap site(1, 2)

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