Ubisoft promises a ‘structural shift’ in the wake of sexual harassment scandal

Central division.

Ubisoft remains in the spotlight – the bad kind – this week following multiple accounts of abuse by multiple senior devs and execs that have now become public thanks to the courage of the victims. Earlier this week, Ubisoft had suspended two execs, Tommy François and Maxime Béland, for an investigation, as the company circulated memos about a “multidisciplinary working group” to handle sexual harassment and abuse cases going forward.

Last night, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot posted publicly the company’s plan for solving its workplace crisis; it’ll include a new Head of Diversity and Inclusion (something apparently sorely needed within the editorial team), a new Head of Workplace Culture to “create an international and diverse multidisciplinary working group within Ubisoft to support these efforts,” employee listening sessions and surveys, an audit of corporate policies, and a “series of investigations” into the specific allegations this time and going forward.

“We are not looking for a quick fix, but rather a structural shift at Ubisoft that fully aligns with our values – values that do not tolerate toxic behaviors and where everyone feels safe to speak out,” Guillemot says. “We must do everything we can to ensure no one is in these situations ever again. With this in mind, I also am putting in place a series of initiatives that will serve as a roadmap as we listen, learn, and act. I will need everyone to work together to build and implement them so that respect for others remains one of the pillars of Ubisoft’s culture.”

Source: Ubisoft via Gamasutra
Ubisoft’s Maxime Béland has apparently resigned from the company following multiple allegations about his conduct toward female employees, according to a an Ubisoft statement provided to Gamasutra. An unnamed Ubisoft Toronto dev was also booted from the company.

“Maxime Beland, Vice President Editorial, has resigned from his role at Ubisoft, effective immediately,” a representative said. “Despite his resignation, we continue to investigate the allegations made against him. Additionally, effective as of yesterday, Tommy François, Vice President Editorial & Creative Services, has been placed on disciplinary leave pending the outcome of an investigation. One other individual in our Toronto studio has been terminated for engaging in behaviors that do not align with what is expected of Ubisoft employees. Other investigations are ongoing and will be conducted rigorously.”

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