Black Desert shares another round of player questions from the Heidel Ball


Earlier in June, the devs of Black Desert shared a big ol’ list of player questions from the digital Heidel Ball event. But if you thought that was the last of the player questions, then you’d be dead wrong, friend, because here comes round two.

As with the last time, the questions cover a wide gamut of player interest including guilds monopolizing Node Wars, allowing players from different regions to play together, adding more content and rewards for PvP activities, and comments about the PvP meta where reportedly evasion gear is king.

To those last two points, the devs promised they’re working on bringing back the past ranking system for PvP as well as “more action-packed and thrilling content for PvP-loving Adventurers,” and are considering giving all classes more basic accuracy and making evasion simply reduce damage instead of negate it altogether, though there is some debate on whether to move forward as these adjustments will change the entire game itself.

That’s just the tip of a particularly large and poorly formatted iceberg, so make sure to read up if you haven’t already.

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