Guild Wars 2 shares patch notes for a class balance update arriving on July 7


This week, ArenaNet has decided to set off its own community fireworks with some advance patch notes detailing class balance adjustments coming to Guild Wars 2 on Tuesday, July 7th, as part of efforts to let players theorycraft and discuss ahead of the update.

The notes are somewhat incomplete, missing an important change to the Thief and a callout of the first point of adjustment to the Necromancer, but they’re otherwise comprehensive, with deep dives into what’s been tweaked and the rationale for said tweaks.

Points of note in this patch are a nerfing to the Guardian’s “Feel My Wrath!” shout, the return of self-shattering for Chronomancers, a nerf to damage build soulbeast Rangers, and some trait shifting for the Necromancer’s signets and wells along with new grandmaster traits to name a few.

As one would expect, there’s plenty of reaction from the GW2 community to drown oneself in, as well as one Redditor condensing the notes to almost Twitter-like proportions. There’s also a video from YouTuber and streamer Mukluk that scours through the notes whilst turning his face into a horror infant; if you’re in to that, it’s below the cut.


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Dankey Kang

Personal DPS buff for Dragonhunters so I’m happy.

Fenrir Wolf

ArenaNet continues to be my favourite developer for balance changes.

For one thing, they’ve consistently proved that pretty much every dev who’d ever said that not all PvE-wrecking balance changes were made to suit PvP only was lying through their teeth. If some of the GW2 balance changes they’d made had applied to all game modes simultaneously rather than just PvE, just PvP, or just WvW (or whatever combination works) then that would’ve been disastrous.

They’ve also shown that power creep is BS by and large. That it’s better to have a good system of counters where everyone is on even footing rather than worrying about the overly mythical and nonsensical constructs of power creep. They’ve acknowleged that some players can do a solid 10-20 per cent damage than others, it’s not a problem for them, they have systems in place to cope with it.

ArenaNet is what a professional balancing team looks like. And they’re probably the only one in the industry.

Bruno Brito

Extremely underwhelming, which is on par for most GW2 patchnotes for me nowadays.

I guess that’s the sign of a healthy game?

Castagere Shaikura

What they really need to do is balance out the expansion mobs to match the mobs in the base game. So many people only play the base game not only because it’s free but it’s just more fun. The mobs in the expansions are twice as hard to kill compared to the base games mobs. You go from 1 to 80 in the base game to only get frustrated with mobs in the expansions.

Dragon Whimsy

That would be horrible. The base game is brain dead easy, you can auto attack and win. Other MMO’s can get away with that because the “real” game is locked off in instances, but GW2’s focus is the open world. If anything they need to re-balance the base game to be more like PoF so newcomers have to interact with the game and become more invested, and have less of a shock when they hit the expansion zones.

While HoT’s focused too much on group content, PoF really got it right, easy but you still have to engage with it and there’s still some harder stuff mixed in.

The problem isn’t the newer zones, the problem is the older zones that start easy and stay easy, there’s no ramp up to teach players the game mechanics.

GW2 has the most engaging open world content in MMO’s, dumbing it down back to the base game would be a huge mistake.

Castagere Shaikura

So you don’t think that this makes the game unbalanced? This is why most people only will play the base game now. For 80 levels you figured out how to play and think the expansions will be the same. But you find yourself dying over and over to mobs that seem unkillable. This is not a balanced game at all. They should put a warning label on the expansions saying that this is not the same game.


Gonna need a citation on “most people only play the base game”. HoT launched with a sharp difficulty spike, sure, but that’s been iterated to a much more gentle curve and PoF’s enemies weren’t harder, just different. There does not exist any “too hard” open world content in GW2, my man.


HoT hasn’t been changed much at all. It’s still a pain in the ass. PoF is a much better difficulty level. I think HoT is even more of an issue because it’s the first expansion players see after the base game and the sharp increase in difficulty is frustrating for people.

If they brought it down to PoF levels of difficulty that would help a lot. I do think the base game should stay easy because it’s important to introduce people to the game at an easier level, and also keep it that way for those who want to enjoy easier content. But fix HoT and that will solve a lot of problems. Some of the mobs still have overly punishing mechanics, not to mention the difficulty of figuring out how to get around, and the heavy density of mobs.

Ben Stone

I thought the expansions were on par, if not slightly easier than the Ruins of Orr from the base game. Which was the endgame open world area. It isn’t a super popular area anymore as there are more profitable and easier places to farm. But if someone did play through the base GW2, they could cut their teeth on harder encounters in that area before moving on to the expansions.

There was a definite difficulty progression in the base game as the zones got higher level, I think the issue you are having is that you didn’t actually need to progress to harder content to level, you could just stay in the easier stuff and ding 80.