Ultima Online teases publish 109’s global events system, Dark Age of Camelot begins Midsummer war event


Publish 109 is just a week away from Ultima Online’s test center, Broadsword’s latest newsletter for the seminal MMORPG says.

“Global, persistent events are one of the core features of the world of Ultima Online,” Broadsword’s Bonnie Armstrong says. “Traditionally global events often times include a combination of game mechanics such as quests, epic spawns, in-game fiction, and rewards. Implementing these global events is an incredibly resource intensive process. Because of this we are limited in the frequency by which we can have these events and also the variety at which we can tailor them. With Publish 109 we have completely revamped how we implement global persistent events to ease that burden. We are currently planning our first global event using these new tools in September, but anticipate a ‘soft opening’ for dynamic events in the next few couple of months. You can check out our event road map below and keep an eye on UO.com for updates on when we will be having soft events to prepare for the fall.”

The roadmap specifically eyeballs The Black Gate for September, The Undead Lords for October, Forest of the Dark for November, and Tears of the Ice Dragon for December, and now I’m feeling regret for having let my house fall a while back. Darnit.

The summer celebration is likewise underway in UO; players should visit the Britain commons to pick up a… tiny wizard doll that spews confetti. Yep.

Meanwhile, over in Broadsword’s other MMO, Dark Age of Camelot, the Midsummer Spirit of War Event is live and running through August 4th. It’s got dragon eggs and PvP. What could go wrong?

Source: Newsletter, DAOC

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Had to decide at the start of August if I was going to take my house down, store what I could in the bank and let my account sub run out.

Guess I’ll keep it open to check this out. :)