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Note: Due to general apathy, my updates for this thing will now be written for our robot audience by my helpful companion unit ZR-44581-Q. We hope you enjoy this new format for What Are You Playing! The jokes may not be the sorts that you are accustomed to, but we’re sure there’s crossover potential.

set $bloodcount(a...z)=VAR(rand)
set $organcount=$bloodcount.a+4
DO WHILE $bloodcount.b > 3442
     PRINT "doo wa diddy diddy dum diddy doo"
     set $bloodcount.b=$bloodcount.b - $organcount
IF $bloodcount.e = $bloodcount.a THEN
     PRINT "Does this unit have a soul?"
     PRINT "doo bee doo bee doo"

Hi-larious! If you’ll excuse me, I need to throw up in my neighbor’s Toyota.

Bonus question: What do you prefer to put on your hot dogs?

Andy McAdams: Likely just World of Warcraft. I leveled a rogue to 120 (again, cough) and I’m working on my Legion class mount because I also have a thing for ravens. Foxes and ravens are like my two favorite animals.

Bonus: I like to experiment. There are a surprising number of specialty hot dog shops in my general area so I’ve got to dabble quite a bit. I think my favorite at the moment is probably Chihuahua hotdog. Hotdog with a Mexican twist, so lots of jalapeño and cheese and other such deliciousness.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Same as last weekend for me, mostly: Star Wars Galaxies Legends for the housing and merchanting, and Lord of the Rings Online for a bit of crafting and murder hoboing. I’ve also finally organized and installed all the games I grabbed through Itch.io’s charity bundle a while back, so I have enough new things to try to last the summer.

For the bonus: Nothing. I like ’em plain. But if I’m in my hometown, I’ll at least put some shredded cheese on them just so I don’t get weird looks from the chili dog people.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I don’t expect a lot of gaming time available to me this weekend, honestly. The holiday weekend looms large over my second job and I am pretty sure I’ll be too tired to do much gaming.

Spicy brown mustard and ketchup or chili, cheese, and Fritos are my hot dog toppers of choice. Also the hot dog should be a snappie dog — something with a nice, thick casing.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Huh. I… have to be honest, I kind of expected to have a game to work on for review purposes by this weekend? Eh, I got a whole bunch of games recently through bundles and I’m flush with games anyhow, plus there’s always Final Fantasy XIV stuff to do. I’m good.

Ketchup and relish are the way to go. Lots of relish. Relish is good. Just put more relish on there. I’ll put relish on anything. My wife also has made some delicious Danish-style hot dogs in the past.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I have been back and forth between Black Desert Online’s Season server and Rimworld, so that will likely continue. I just added about a dozen mods to Rimworld, so I am keen to see how they play.

Bonus: I usually put ketchup and mustard on my hot dogs, but I like relish and onions too if I am feeling fancy.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): The Crowfall update about a new player experience sounds very interesting so I want to see if that’s available. Other than that I might try to find something else to play that I haven’t in a long time. I was thinking about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Also the Guild Wars 2 festival is fully underway so I’ll try to get the annual achievements.

Bonus: I like to keep it simple if we’re taking about grilling. Add some mustard, relish, and maybe chopped onions if you brought them.

Tyler Edwards, (blog): My friend got me another early birthday present in the form of Stone Age RTS Warparty, so I’m diving into that. For my birthday itself, I’ve planned another “playtest” of Wyrd Street, my tabletop RPG. Quotation marks because it’s less of a test and more an excuse to hang out with a couple friends (albeit online, cause quarantine).

Bonus question: The hot dog is merely a mustard delivery system. Occasionally if the mood strikes me I may add veggies such as lettuce, salad greens, shredded carrot, or avocado.

Patron Pierre: This weekend is dedicated to The Last of Us. I’m playing The Last of Us Part II and really enjoying it: the work that has gone into this wonderful game is astonishing. I can’t see how a game can be technically better in the future: Congrats Naughty Dog for a job extremely well done. Don’t listen to the controversies and make your own opinion about the game by playing it, if it’s your cup of tea of course – this game is not for everyone as it’s extremely violent. The acting is so good, there’s no adequate words to describe it. It’s also a game that makes you question your moral choices many days after playing it, making you smarter and helping fine adjustment of your moral compass in the process. However, you should know that it’s the first time ever in a game that I had to stop playing for a few hours after a very difficult to watch and emotionnally traumatizing scene. It’s not a bad thing, as it contributed to my immersion: I’m really gonna find and kill every last one of them after this! But know that the emotions the game conveys can be overwhelming.

For a change, I’ll also play The Last of Us NG+. I’m completing my collection of artefacts, Firefly pendants and other lore delivering items spread all over the different areas of the game. Playing such a great game again and again is far from boring: Thanks to exceptional acting and directing, it’s just like a good movie, you can watch a thousand times without getting bored.

And you, MOP readers, WRUP this weekend? I’m wondering…

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