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Note: Due to general apathy, my updates for this thing will now be written for our robot audience by my helpful companion unit ZR-44581-Q. We hope you enjoy this new format for What Are You Playing! The jokes may not be the sorts that you are accustomed to, but we’re sure there’s crossover potential.

set $bloodcount(a...z)=VAR(rand)
set $organcount=$bloodcount.a+4
DO WHILE $bloodcount.b > 3442
     PRINT "doo wa diddy diddy dum diddy doo"
     set $bloodcount.b=$bloodcount.b - $organcount
IF $bloodcount.e = $bloodcount.a THEN
     PRINT "Does this unit have a soul?"
     PRINT "doo bee doo bee doo"

Hi-larious! If you’ll excuse me, I need to throw up in my neighbor’s Toyota.

Bonus question: What do you prefer to put on your hot dogs?

Andy McAdams: Likely just World of Warcraft. I leveled a rogue to 120 (again, cough) and I’m working on my Legion class mount because I also have a thing for ravens. Foxes and ravens are like my two favorite animals.

Bonus: I like to experiment. There are a surprising number of specialty hot dog shops in my general area so I’ve got to dabble quite a bit. I think my favorite at the moment is probably Chihuahua hotdog. Hotdog with a Mexican twist, so lots of jalapeño and cheese and other such deliciousness.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Same as last weekend for me, mostly: Star Wars Galaxies Legends for the housing and merchanting, and Lord of the Rings Online for a bit of crafting and murder hoboing. I’ve also finally organized and installed all the games I grabbed through Itch.io’s charity bundle a while back, so I have enough new things to try to last the summer.

For the bonus: Nothing. I like ’em plain. But if I’m in my hometown, I’ll at least put some shredded cheese on them just so I don’t get weird looks from the chili dog people.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I don’t expect a lot of gaming time available to me this weekend, honestly. The holiday weekend looms large over my second job and I am pretty sure I’ll be too tired to do much gaming.

Spicy brown mustard and ketchup or chili, cheese, and Fritos are my hot dog toppers of choice. Also the hot dog should be a snappie dog — something with a nice, thick casing.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Huh. I… have to be honest, I kind of expected to have a game to work on for review purposes by this weekend? Eh, I got a whole bunch of games recently through bundles and I’m flush with games anyhow, plus there’s always Final Fantasy XIV stuff to do. I’m good.

Ketchup and relish are the way to go. Lots of relish. Relish is good. Just put more relish on there. I’ll put relish on anything. My wife also has made some delicious Danish-style hot dogs in the past.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I have been back and forth between Black Desert Online’s Season server and Rimworld, so that will likely continue. I just added about a dozen mods to Rimworld, so I am keen to see how they play.

Bonus: I usually put ketchup and mustard on my hot dogs, but I like relish and onions too if I am feeling fancy.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): The Crowfall update about a new player experience sounds very interesting so I want to see if that’s available. Other than that I might try to find something else to play that I haven’t in a long time. I was thinking about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Also the Guild Wars 2 festival is fully underway so I’ll try to get the annual achievements.

Bonus: I like to keep it simple if we’re taking about grilling. Add some mustard, relish, and maybe chopped onions if you brought them.

Tyler Edwards, (blog): My friend got me another early birthday present in the form of Stone Age RTS Warparty, so I’m diving into that. For my birthday itself, I’ve planned another “playtest” of Wyrd Street, my tabletop RPG. Quotation marks because it’s less of a test and more an excuse to hang out with a couple friends (albeit online, cause quarantine).

Bonus question: The hot dog is merely a mustard delivery system. Occasionally if the mood strikes me I may add veggies such as lettuce, salad greens, shredded carrot, or avocado.

Patron Pierre: This weekend is dedicated to The Last of Us. I’m playing The Last of Us Part II and really enjoying it: the work that has gone into this wonderful game is astonishing. I can’t see how a game can be technically better in the future: Congrats Naughty Dog for a job extremely well done. Don’t listen to the controversies and make your own opinion about the game by playing it, if it’s your cup of tea of course – this game is not for everyone as it’s extremely violent. The acting is so good, there’s no adequate words to describe it. It’s also a game that makes you question your moral choices many days after playing it, making you smarter and helping fine adjustment of your moral compass in the process. However, you should know that it’s the first time ever in a game that I had to stop playing for a few hours after a very difficult to watch and emotionnally traumatizing scene. It’s not a bad thing, as it contributed to my immersion: I’m really gonna find and kill every last one of them after this! But know that the emotions the game conveys can be overwhelming.

For a change, I’ll also play The Last of Us NG+. I’m completing my collection of artefacts, Firefly pendants and other lore delivering items spread all over the different areas of the game. Playing such a great game again and again is far from boring: Thanks to exceptional acting and directing, it’s just like a good movie, you can watch a thousand times without getting bored.

And you, MOP readers, WRUP this weekend? I’m wondering…

Every Saturday, join the Massively OP community and staff for What Are You Playing, our roundup of what MMORPGs and other games we’re hoping to play this weekend (with a bonus question or two for our amusement). Tell us what you’re up to! Go off-topic! And don’t forget to have fun!

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I haven’t been MMO’ing much lately, and even my regular gaming has been down somewhat, in contrast to the rest of the gaming world. I did find myself jumping into DDO for some quality time in Ravenloft. I hope everyone had a safe, enjoyable Independence Day weekend (or just a nice 4th of July weekend for those of you not stateside).

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Oh yeah, bonus question: we do turkey hot dogs exclusively at home; I take mine hot off the grill with ketchup (the bun has to be toasted on the grill as well). YMMV.

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Jack Pipsam

It’s been a tiring, demoralising and very-annoying week for me, so I decided to play some LOTRO as I personally find it a very calming game to play in its slower-pace and overall vibe.
I finally un-subbed from WoW Classic as I just wasn’t touching it any more, I just don’t have the motivation for it right now, but then again it’ll be the thing where I’ll end up having the urge to play it like four-days before my time runs out lol.

I do have to admire how LOTRO keeps up, I’m so glad Standing Stone formed and that the developers broke free of Warner Brothers, it’s only a shame that Asheron’s Call couldn’t come along for the ride. But who knows maybe if this selling WB Games thing is true (which I somewhat doubt) then maybe someone will snag the IP if they’re no longer interested.
If Standing Stone is owned by Daybreak then I suppose Daybreak could buy the IP, but I guess it’s also not really worth it. It might be worth investing the server for a pay-to-play access, but I guess they wouldn’t recoup the investment on getting the IP from Time Warner.

Oh and I tried that new Spongebob game remake, it’s awful. I guess you really had to have played it as a kid to like it as I’m not feeling it at all. Still at least Crash 4 said there’s no microtransactions (even though they said the same thing about the racing game so we’ll see…).

Been hearing of all the major up-ticks of COVID-cases in the USA. Stay safe to all my American and other International friends on here, it’s a scary world out there right now, I wish you all the best health.
My state’s motto for COVID is ‘Staying. Apart. Keeps. Us. Together.’ and I very much wish that once this is all other that the world can come together again. Let a Phoenix rise from these Ashes.

Bonus Question: American Mustard & Tomato Sauce with some fried onion I adore in hot-dogs.

Political Rant/Vent below not related to Video Games, feel free to skip as I’m just releasing myself. Also swears :3

This has been an extremely aggravating week for me IRL, my state of Victoria is now having isolated lockdowns again on a postcode basis. It’s angering as we in Australia really had COVID settled down, we had it seemingly set, contained and now it’s spreading again due to some major fuck-ups in someone in the chain deciding to hire private security contractors to secure the quarantining hotels for returned international folk instead of using the like the god-damn ADF like they should have from the get-go.
We got these idiots refusing to get tested, folks getting misinformation from Facebook and selfish bogans deciding that rules don’t apply to them and then they have the audacity to blame the BLM protests in Melbourne while happily ignoring the fact every other city in the country also had one and didn’t have an outbreak.

But now the ADF has come in to help secure things and like do 10,000+ tests per-day, what an embarrassment. Other states are starting to re-open their borders but are (understandably) blocking Victoria off as we’re now currently the black-sheep of Australia.

The media has been insufferable about this, poor Daniel Andrews hasn’t caught a fucking break. The man really has been trying his damn best and when we went down hard at first people were crying bloody-murder at him locking our state now and then now he loosened some things up the same people are crying traitor that he did what they wanted.
If he loses the next state election to that douche-king Michael O’Brien I’m going to lose my absolute shit because we’ll regress so hard, Victoria has benefited so much from Andrews, the Metro Tunnel is so damn cool, I love it so much, it’s positive state-building and the fucking Liberals (note: The Liberal Party here is our conservative party) would have never done anything like that. They would have just sold off our assets as they always do and just do increasing damage like they always do.
Labor has made mistakes, they’ve got some rot, but on the whole Labor has been great to Victoria and to have Andrews kicked-out at the next election before he can finish things because of our dead-ass media and bogan culture I’ll just be depressed, I can only hope we manages to recover before then.
So much for Victoria being the progressive state.

Oh and if that didn’t all top off this shitty weak, our beloved Prime Minster after doing major cuts to our public broadcaster because of “budget reasons” decided to reannounced his plan of spending TWO-HUNDRED AND SEVENTY BILLION DOLLARS on Military shit.
So much for Liberals being “economic mangers”, we’re now in our first nation’s recession in like 29 years.
Not during the GFC we didn’t because we had Labor in charge, we used to be the damn envy of the world for these things and now we’re a joke.

Missiles, we’re getting fucking missiles. Australia’s never had intercontinental ballistic missiles before, it’s not who we are. But now we are.
I believe we’re buying them from the United States because Trump and Morrison seem to get along with each-other, Australia is only one of two nations to receive a state-dinner at the White House under Trump, normally that would be an honour, but it’s terrifying sign to me of what we’re becoming.

It’s like we want China to fuck us. Look I hate the (government of) China, I understand fully boosting our defences and cyber-war capacity, but buying missiles is downright antagonism towards China.
I’m sure Indonesia & New Zealand are just bloody thrilled with us right now lol that we’re going to be placing Missiles in the region. It was bad enough for them that we had US-warplanes hosted here.

I think it’s good that we’re going to open up to those in Hong Kong fleeing though, because that’s who we are. Australia should be a refuge, not a war-machine.
But it’s so double-handed because we still rely heavily on China for our damn trade and the Government is both trying to woo China into trade while also pissing them off with Hong Kong/USA-Alliance.

None of this will end well.

Cartoon by David Rowe


…my only regrets that he didn’t make Mr. Xi, Winnie-the-Pooh enough. o.O

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Jack Pipsam

Haha, I’m more surprised he drew Trump in clothes, normally he makes Trump naked. Rowe is famous for his very unique style of grotesque newspaper comics, it’s such a stark contrast to the normal boomer-style you tend to find.

Danny Smith

Levelling Warrior and Machinist in FFXIV the last couple of levels to cap, ones a fun job thats just not as fun as Dark Knight and the other? man Machinist seems to be unable to go a year without being totally redesigned. Still it gets me some more moogle tomes which are more useful than the poetics which are back to useless as im already sitting on all the sand for every relic.

Also restarted Horizon Zero Dawn for the first time since i beat it back in 2017. The story is still “do very basic things to be rewarded with holograms telling a far, far faaaaar more interesting story you only see the aftermath of in a generic heroes journey plot” but man does this games world and gameplay hold up way better than similar releases of the time like Breath of the Wild has. I just wonder how Forbidden West can keep me interested when “an ancient evil awakens” is the only hook after the mystery of ‘Zero Dawn’ got thoroughly explained and the modern world is very pretty but not terribly interesting as “generic fantasy tribalism”.

Still amazing looking for a console game.

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Jack Pipsam

It really is a fantastic looking game ^_^


I’ve been building in Conan Exiles are trying to make friends. Will do this all weekend I’d say. Learning now to use pillars instead of foundations right now. Will post of a one shot this week of my awesome little manor.

If the server owner updates Minecraft I will finally be giving 1.16 a go. Fingers are not crossed though. Likely will be the middle of next week.

This is the first week Ive had hot dogs in at least a year, so this question makes me question the matrix. Hot dogs are great because you can throw anything on them. Last few days had been pretty basic though. Chili w beans, cheese, green onions, mustard, ketchup and I will dip into relish. Makes a great lunch.


Been playing ESO, started getting familiar with Grim Dawn though as my wife will take advantage of the Steam sale when we get paid next week.

Got into some BS tiff with my mother over mail in voting in NY, I posted a lengthy reply talking about it from a Pandemic/Hospital Worker perspective and a member of her Pool League (sounded like a Trump person) started attacking me talking out their ass while I proceeded to destroy them with facts. Turned into a thing with my mother getting all blubbery with me about having hurt her feelings and respecting her political beliefs; I basically told her I don’t give a damn about your politics and neither does Covid 19, this isn’t politics this is life or death and you need to get your head out of your ass realize if you act foolishly you and your friends will ether get sick or die. Then I had to hear all about how stressful it is being isolated, feeling like you’re being controlled by the government, etc, etc. I replied I get it life is pretty stressful for me as well, our employee treats my wife and I as Game Pieces while telling us to stretch PPE, I literally see people dying around me every single day, we have an uptick of Psych 1 to 1s because they shut down our Mental Ward and furloughed all those RNs and PCTs so these Psych patients being admitted have to wait sometimes up to 2 weeks to get a bed half way across the state. Maybe I should have been more sympathetic but come on you’re seriously going to complain to me about how stressful your life is working from your 300,000 dollar suburban home feeling trapped because they cancelled Pool League this year?


Probably Dead By Daylight and FFXIV this weekend. Maybe some Sea of Thieves but doubtful on that. Might also dip a little into Fallout 76 to do the season objectives but eh… I’m hearing that it’s currently set up to be very difficult to get to 100 in time if you don’t no-life it.

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Wizards Unite – The wizarding weekend went well, I hit Lv 36, and I’m trying to finish a cute magical animals event.
  • Another Eden – Actually playing! :D In main story, I completed the 2nd last original dungeon/area but seems there’s one more. Used weak main characters for immersion but my better team for the optional minibosses guarding loot. I did the first episode and got a free character, and since I had all the ‘bonus points’ characters for the episode rewards, I racked up loads of points easily and could complete the story within a couple days. I’ll look into the ‘Very Hard’ version of the dungeon to maximize rewards, then the only reason to do the episode’s dungeon is the upgrade the free character’s special ‘dark/light’ points, but there’s not reason to do that until she gets her ‘5star’ upgrade form in upcoming content. The highlight here is that I’ve finally got past the point I was at on my older account. I think I had better gacha results on that one but that’s now it. Now back to doing kill 100 achievements and trying to craft/buy better gear for the final dungeon.
  • Magikarp Splash – Suspended.
  • Magia Record – Logins. Some new free characters from daily 10x gacha.
  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Logins.
  • Blade xLord – Dailies and events, a little advancing story. Doing Christmas event in July.
  • Sub to my Adventure – Suspended.
  • Guardian Tales – Finishing bits of quest content here and there, and started a new ministory map themed on Hollywood, including stuff like Batman films parody. Still fun, and I’m working on a 2nd team of characters, but the writing is… concerning. Its went from rarely mildly reactionary, to less covertly ‘anti-SJW’ than before.
  • Last Cloudia – Finished off last event. New event is out where the devs are more clearly trialing endgame difficulty bosses. They also added some of these to the story map. The story boss I was stuck at earlier, upon spending 20 minutes actually setting up my team, got easily stomped so I’m able to move forward. Gotta catch up on at least that, since later this month or August may bring even more main storyline. Regular players are clearly doing auto-battle overnight to upgrade their characters and I don’t do that, so I feel a little behind when it comes to the biggest challenges now. But story? I’ve been good doing it. Also the main couple got separated, deliberately by the female as she joins her redeemed brother for a bigger fight, and I couldn’t be happier because their ‘romance’ was the worst part of the story. I’ve level capped her so there’s barely any training I can do with her anymore, so I get to ignore her for at least the next weeks ha. Especially until I can train her the most powerful Light offensive spell.
  • SWTOR – Did a bit more Taris, and partner and I did that early Athiss flashpoint. Took the risk in entering it manually as only the two of us and our companions, and it went mostly okay (one wipe) albeit slowly and with a dumbdumb Qyzen Fess ‘tank’. And the mob loot was Lv 65 greens which was weird.
  • Distancing Hangouts – More Terraria as I get some better bearings and fight the wall of flesh eyes monster thing with several others. I was bad but I’m always bad, maybe one day I’ll be good.
  • Coromon – Suspended.
  • Romancing SaGa Re Universe – Had to drop this. Partially for life, partially for Sinoalice launch, partially for Another Eden gametime. Its not BAD (if you accept gacha, mobile, etc), its just done its job in getting me curious about the Romancing SaGa series but I don’t seem to have the time or care for a Final Fantasy Record Keeper (as in, not story focused) style gacha game.
  • Memoria Freese – Tried this one out. Not seriously, and mainly to see its story, and mostly to play ‘WFS’ studio’s earlier globally launched game before Another Eden. Its ridiculous, barely concealed harem storyline won’t keep me, but its something to mess around with when not doing the others. I don’t feel its combat is as nicely(ish) balanced as Another Eden too. You can usually tell the difference between licensed gacha games and original ones; the former are so much more clearly out to milk you to make up for the investment, while the latter just might be diamonds in the rough with an experienced and creative team behind them. This game is an example of an experienced and creative team… making sacrifices in order to pay off the anime overlords. Another Eden would have been too, if it was a true Chrono series done through Square Enix, instead of a law skirting ‘knockoff’.
  • Sinoalice – Disappointment. Music is nice, art isn’t my thing but also nice, but gameplay bored more even more than I was prepared for, its too PvP centric out of the gate (even down to requiring a login for a guild battle at a certain time each day in order to complete all dailies), and the story very disappointingly was too vague to hook me early. Damn. Didn’t even log in yesterday and I dunno… maybe this one’s a no for me.
  • Fate Grand/Order – Eh, I keep trying, and it doesn’t work. A friend is far more into it than I ever will be. Uninstalled.

Partner’s continuing the Soviet campaign in Red Alert, casual Animal Crossing, Astral Chain, and a bit of SWTOR, so not much changing there.

The episode I just completed (save for grind ‘Miglance Magic’ points and Deirdre’s ‘Luring Dark’ points)..

Main story boss, too easy even with meh story units.

Bonus question.
A mix. Sometimes just ketchup. Sometimes ketchup and mustard. Sometimes ketchup mustard and relish. Sometimes a salad mix (lettuce, tomato, onion). Open to recipes including chilidogs but its not the usual. Come to think of it, I never have cheese on my hot dogs.

Zulika Mi-Nam
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Zulika Mi-Nam

Playing COD:MW with all voice chat disabled – the only way it is tolerable.

Bonus: I have eaten exactly 2 hot dogs in the last 36 years. I was starving and it was the only thing available in the time I had/area I was in. I drowned then in mustard, chili, and sauerkraut.

They were from a food cart outside of the Dept of Justice in DC. Every time I pass by the place I sat down to eat them in The Division 2 I think back and curse that day/situation.

It was here, by the red square where I gave in – never forget…….

Hikari Kenzaki

So many games. It is the Summer, so we play all our favorite games for 20 minutes…

But seriously, I generally dislike grindy login events, so I avoid them.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week (I’m at 22 hours as of this writing) covering MEGAversary stuff in pictures. https://twitter.com/i/events/1276385802352603136

I’m working on finishing up my Legendary Player arcs in SWTOR. Braved through Corellia on my BH last week and will jump into Corellia on my Knight this week.

MtG Arena every day. E’ry day.

Some other testing leading up to our own patch will likely be involved.

So, if it’s a cheese or jalapeno brat, mustard usually is enough. Or if I’m just in the mood to slam down some regular dogs.

Otherwise, it’s whatever I have handy. Mustard is required, but pickles, relish, jalapenos or other peppers, cheese (shredded, American, pepperjack, or whiz), grilled onions and peppers. Any of the above in any combination.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t add on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seattle-style_hot_dog

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I’m back to WoW because of a reputation buff which was useful to reach exalted for a faction in 2 quests! now i’m just flying around zones collecting pets, something i wanted to do for a long time, also playing Diablo 3 new season, trying the Thorns build for the Crusader, i wanted to do that for years, never have the full set, now i can.

Bonus: i haven’t eaten hot dog for a long long time, i usually like it with cheese or ketchup, that’s it, keep it simple … now i want one!