The Daily Grind: Has the Crucible pull-back affected your thoughts on New World?

The Daily Grind: Has the Crucible pull-back affected your thoughts on New World?

Here’s the thing: I have definitely not been on the hype train for Amazon’s New World for a variety for reasons. But with the recent news that Crucible is getting pulled back into beta, I have to admit that I am more interested in it simply because… well, this is bizarre. This is unprecedented and different. And it means that a lot more is riding on a game that already seems to have had a difficult time getting into a state for people to be interested in it.

The whole ongoing mess with Amazon’s game development alone should be reason enough to cast a curious eye toward New World and where it’s heading, but the latest Crucible news has definitely upped my interest if not my excitement. Perhaps that’s enough. So what about you, dear readers? Has the whole saga of putting Crucible back in beta after its bellyflop affected your thoughts on New World in any direction, or do you find that the whole thing hasn’t really changed your perspective?

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

It didn’t changed anything for me as I’m still not hyped for this game… but I’ve pre-ordered because I wasn’t able to stop my cousins from wanting to play it… so I’ll be there day one with them.


Remember back when we didn’t know it’s name? Back when New World was still an ambiguous hope of something new with deep pockets?

Yeah, the rumors where flying then. A new entity with an all star developer cast. Oh yes, a new way to develop with all new tools and enhancements of services for improved efficiency, aka Lumberyard. Remember all of that shit?

And then? Nothing. They couldn’t deliver. They realized early on that the marketing crap that had been released before there was even a full fledged studio was not attainable at the start.

You have to build a great dev house with time and experience no matter who you are. A lesson Daybreak unlearned. Heh.

Now, Amazon has stopped all of the bullshit hype and they are hoping for the best. And I’m not interested in stumbling around their learning curve.

Danny Smith

No still expecting a Wildstar style affair. Amazon just wants to lockdown a game ecosystem of their own for no greater reason beyond “because we can” but don’t really know how. I’m expecting what i was always expecting and Crucible was the same thing.


This tells me two things:

– Amazon Game Studios isn’t capable of pushing a consistent vision that resonates with target audiences. At least not yet.

– Amazon has enough money to keep trying until they either figure how to find a vision that resonates with the audience or else arrive at something good by pure chance.

Put the two together and I will keep an eye on their offerings, but will only bother trying any of their offerings after that specific game release has proven itself.

BTW, should New World be a big failure it might prematurely sink Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO. So Amazon has one extra, very big reason to throw money at New World until it’s at least considered a passable game.

Ben Stone

Game looks pretty but nothing short of a total redesign at this point would get me invested. Nothing about the design of the game piques my interest.


You know, I’ve been losing interest in the latter for a while now. New World is not really bringing anything new to the table no matter what direction it seems to go in.

As for the former, I never heard of the game until you guys reported about it last week. So crickets and tumbleweeds from me here. o.O


Crucible didn’t affect my opinion in any way. What got me interested in New World was the about-face on the gankbox it was originally supposed to be. I was definitely out on that, but interested enough now to actually pay attention. I’m not going to be preordering or anything, mind you. I’ll wait for it to ship and see some actual player reviews as opposed to the questionable objectivity of most of the gaming media running ads for said game.

I’m going to give it a 70% chance of still being complete garbage, but there’s some hope there.


Two seperate projects, and I don’t really see how they should have anything to do with eachother.
One thing I can say is that respect a developer who dare to stop and look at their game and change it, also radically. If only other aaa projects had the stones to admit their mistakes and correct them…
But at the same time they are also writing promises they can’t fill. Don’t get me wrong, I want what all of what they say.. But it will take years to get there, if they do get there (not like there is a shining path of succesful modern visionary mmorpg projects to follow).
They don’t want to be a gankbox, they don’t want to be story driven themepark.. EqNext had the same idea, it is just that not many people will understand it till it is realized in a game.

Eric Perbos-Brinck

Is New World supposed to be the WoW Killer ?
That would be refreshing.

Jeremy Barnes

Yes, their inability to deliver games is concerning. I doubt the teams themselves are deeply intertwined and you can view it as different teams, but AGS has only managed to release 1 game..some sort of car game based off a TV show about cars. The type of ‘meh’ fodder game that studios often release to fund development of larger games.

I don’t think New World will be a colossal failure, but I think it’s going to struggle to retain a playerbase that makes sense for the amount of resources invested into it and Amazon has shown no ability to salvage such a mess and a willingness to cut bait.

I’ve long held a theory that Amazon is less interested in running a game studio than promoting their game engine and getting it exposed to the industry.