Here’s how corrupted dungeons in Albion Online’s Rise of Avalon update will work


One of the features coming to Albion Online in the Rise of Avalon update is the Corrupted Dungeon, but just how exactly do those work? Game director Robin Henkys in his patented comfy chair are here to tell you all about it in the most recent video.

The Corrupted Dungeon is much like the other dungeons whose entrances spawn randomly in the world, though they’re different in that they provide the potential for one-on-one PvP as well as the expected PvE dungeoneering experience. Before entering, players can set the difficulty level of the dungeon itself to one of three settings: Hunter, which grants less rewards but also stops PvP from being full loot; Stalker, which adds the full loot PvP rules as well as more rewards; and Slayer, which promises even more rewards as well as a stiffer PvE challenge.

Once the difficulty level is selected, it’s a matter of slaying the demons within to gain enough Infamy points to summon the final boss. The amount of Infamy gained will also be added to a leaderboard (for those who care about that sort of thing) as well as permanently boost Corrupted Dungeon rewards. Additionally, once a dungeon is cleared, a portal will open that offers players the chance to enter another Corrupted Dungeon or head back up top with their goodies.

As for the PvP, players can approach a demonic altar to flag themselves as invaders of others’ dungeons. Once done, the game checks for someone whose day you can wreck and automatically moves you to their instance. The defending player can then either take on the invading player or destroy demonic shards in their dungeon to banish the invader. If PvP battle is matched, the defeated player loses some Infamy and the winner gains some Infamy. Invaders aren’t simply deposited near the opponent and will have to track their targets either by noting where enemies are not appearing on their minimap or with the help of Watcher Demons that ping players on the minimap when they’re approached. There’s also traps to contend with, which can be used as part of battle strategy.

Meanwhile, the mount balancing patch is live in today’s smaller patch:

source: YouTube. This post was edited after publication to correct an error in the headline; the update today is not Rise of Avalon. That’s coming in August!

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