Korean casual mobile game dev Game Tales plans on creating a large-scale PC and a mobile MMORPG using UE5


As the promise of Unreal Engine 5’s capabilities start to sink in, our little part of the gaming world is seeing perhaps the first waves of this new engine tech from a pretty unlikely source: a Korean game developer known as Game Tales that previously worked on casual mobile titles but is planning on making a big jump to the MMORPG world.

This untitled MMORPG is already being developed using UE4.5 but will be ported over to UE5 when the time is right. Information on this game is a bit thin, but the title will be effectively two different releases: a PC release that has large-scale multiplayer elements and is built with Western players in mind, and a mobile version that’s more focused on auto-hunting and character growth.

Furthermore, Game Tales is promising this project will release at some point in 2022. This release window is ambitious to say the least, especially when at least considering Heroic Games’ take, which suggests native MMOs on UE5 probably won’t be released until 2026. In any case, here’s wishing luck to the small fish leaping into the big pond.

source: MMO Culture


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Dug From The Earth

“Korean” + “Mobile” + “Mmorpg” + “PC”

None of these words combined equal good things, no matter what order you put them in.

Hell, even if you only pick 3 of the 4 words, is still just as bad.