Mortal Online 2 posts its roadmap for the next two months, plans to sell a $2500 package

Sure, fine. Great. Neat.

If you’re super invested in the kind of open world PvP game that Mortal Online 2 is building, then the devs at Star Vault are planning to offer their faces for a hearty wallet slapping if the donation package tiers are any indicator.

As we noted before when the game first started its closed combat alpha, getting in was a matter of coughing up $149. That has changed with the addition of a $39 starter package, but it only leaps up from there, with $249, $349, and $2500 packages on offer — that last tier, by the way, offers a lifetime subscription to both Mortal Online 2 and the original Mortal Online along with some physical schwag. The upper echelon packages are apparently coming soon™.

Other things that are coming soon are several planned updates for July and August as noted by the latest development roadmap. July will see female avatars, new armor, shields, and a world expansion, while August will add a dungeon, rainy weather, torches, spears, and another expansion to the world. The latest plans are in picture form, which we’ve embedded in the gallery below.


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I was never really much into the original game. If i remember correctly it was very grindy.


I need to get into this MMO business, can get thousands of dollars without having much to show and then if the game suddenly fails to materialize… well them games done by hard to make and all that

John Mclain

Oh it gets even better. This dev team failed to make a finished/functioning Mortal Online 1. So now they want to have the money to not finish and make a second one. For everyone who pisses their money away to this company, you’d have a better rate of return on freaking lottery tickets than this company.


And this is different from every other field of endeavor how exactly?