Mortal Online 2 posts its roadmap for the next two months, plans to sell a $2500 package

Sure, fine. Great. Neat.

If you’re super invested in the kind of open world PvP game that Mortal Online 2 is building, then the devs at Star Vault are planning to offer their faces for a hearty wallet slapping if the donation package tiers are any indicator.

As we noted before when the game first started its closed combat alpha, getting in was a matter of coughing up $149. That has changed with the addition of a $39 starter package, but it only leaps up from there, with $249, $349, and $2500 packages on offer — that last tier, by the way, offers a lifetime subscription to both Mortal Online 2 and the original Mortal Online along with some physical schwag. The upper echelon packages are apparently coming soon™.

Other things that are coming soon are several planned updates for July and August as noted by the latest development roadmap. July will see female avatars, new armor, shields, and a world expansion, while August will add a dungeon, rainy weather, torches, spears, and another expansion to the world. The latest plans are in picture form, which we’ve embedded in the gallery below.

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