Rust has introduced modular vehicles and players are already having fun with them


A recent update to Rust has gotten player motors running and heading out on the highway in their own custom creations. Modular vehicles are here, in other words, allowing players to cobble together their own cars to get around the sandbox.

It all starts with a chassis that’s found out in the world, which can be either short, medium, or long. After that, players simply have to craft modules and put together the wheels of their dreams. There’s also a vehicle lift deployable that can help make car creation just a bit easier. Cars can also be locked, though breaking those locks is a matter of whittling a module’s health down to 15%.

So just what can you do with your new ride? Well, generally kill stuff as is likely often the case in Rust. One Redditor has taken that to a whole new level with the creation of what can only be described as a turret-filled party bus. There’s apparently some game modding and other trickery at play here, but the end result is a wonder to behold; you can check that video out below along with a sizzle reel for the update.

“Modular Vehicles are OP and have literally ruined Rust.” LOL! from r/playrust

sources: official site, Reddit, thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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