Dual Universe is finally entering beta in August – with a subscription model


Long-running MMORPG fansite Gamespot (/s) has just posted the not-so-exclusive-now news that sci-fi MMO Dual Universe is expected to hit beta on August 27th.

MMO fans will recall that Dual Universe and studio Novaquark burst onto the scene way back in 2016, promising to basically be EVE Online but way better, with a single-shard PvP focus spread out over a broad multi-planet, multi-surface, deeply economic and political sandbox. It pulled in €565,983 in Kickstarter funding in 2017 and has spent the last few years in various stages of pre-alpha and alpha, suffering delays but also seeing cash infusions from investors along the way. Perhaps its most interesting feat so far came in 2019, when it put 30,000 simulated players on the same planet.

You can already buy your way into the ongoing alpha for $60 (minimum) if you just can’t wait for beta; that alpha is still under NDA. According to Gamespot, the beta itself will also cost you something – in the form of a sub.

“Starting at a monthly subscription of $6.99, the beta will have a range of different pricing models. The three month subscription is set at $20.97, six months will be $36.44, and 12 months will be $69.90.”

MOP’s MJ Guthrie has done multiple interviews with the team through the years, all worth a look if you want to get caught up on the MMO.

Source: Gamespot
Novaquark has clarified that people who buy alpha access now will not have to pay the beta sub.

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