Stardew Valley’s upcoming update promises to have some form of new endgame content


We already know that Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone is hard at work on another update to singleplayer/multiplayer life sim RPG Stardew Valley. We know that it will have bananas. And now we know that it’s going to have endgame content. Of some sort.

As usual, Barone is painfully vague with regards to just what’s happening with update 1.5, but his tweet not only points to a new door that has appeared at the back of Willy’s tackle shop but also promises “a significant new piece of endgame content and much more.” Barone also notes that progress on the update is coming steadily, with work currently in the “nose to the grindstone” phase, which seems to suggest that we’ve got some time to wait before we’re close to a release window, let alone a release date.

Whether this new door at Willy’s shop is part of this endgame content or not is hard to say — Willy would be an odd arbiter for high level content unless it involves some manner of new fishing-related things — but we at least know that progress is being made.

source: Twitter

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I freaking love this game so much. Have done a long playthrough this week. This time on Switch. So good.

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if they adding new endgame content, I’ll likely jump back in. While I found the game grindy after a while, the festivals in between seasons tended to offset that.